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What They're Saying
For receptions, banquets, conferences, and business events--

Enthusiastic Listeners Say...

"...The beautiful harp music you played throughout the luncheon at Serenata Beach Club...created wonderful ambience for the event.  Many of our guests complimented your music both during and after the event...."
                                                                                       Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"Hope you know how much your music added to the tremendous success of our fundraiser...I have had numerous calls already...."
                                                                                        St. Augustine, FL

"Your beautiful harp music added just the right touch to the reception...delightful and so relaxing.....We received nothing but positive comments, which is unheard of in a crowd that size!"  
                                                                                         Cincinnati, OH

"We had never heard a harp until we heard you at the Annual Meeting dinner--Wow!  It was awesome!   It made this the most outstanding dinner we've ever had...."      

                                                                                         Jacksonville, FL      
"Your Celtic harp melodies at the dinner brought back so many memories.  My family's heritage is Irish, Scottish, and Welsh so we loved every song.  You played with incredible feeling...."                    
                                                                                         Highland Heights, KY

"Our wedding in the Lightner Courtyard was even more elegant and special with your beautiful harp music... "
                                                                                         St. Augustine, FL

 "Everyone loved you, raved about you at our Christmas program, so--please come back again next year!"                                                              
                                                                                          Orlando, FL

Enthusiastic reviews from health-related audiences...

"We so much appreciated your wonderful presentation for the benefit of our Hospice families, friends and staff.  The harp is such a peaceful and healing instrument...we were all blessed."
                                                                                                         Ontario, Canada

"How much I appreciated your playing for (hospital patient)...she passed away later that night and it makes me feel good to know you were there comforting her with your beautiful harp.... You are a true blessing!"                                            
                                                                                                         LaCrosse, WI

 "Your Harmony for Mayo presentation was so much appreciated by doctors, nurses, and the public alike.   You were a warm and greatly loved presenter...."

                                                                                                        Jacksonville, FL

"It was pure joy to have you as our teacher!"                          
                                                                                                        Gainesville, GA

  "Your presentation for the Women's Health Series was remarkable in its scope, professionalism, and sheer beauty.   Everyone was soothed and entertained while enlightened about the cases and history of healing with music...thank you...."               
                                                                                                         LaCrosse, WI

  "Our Service of Remembrance had meaning and depth because of your valuable assistance...your heavenly music brought comfort and grace."                         
                                                                                                         Winona, MN

"My little boy goes and puts on your `Harp of Hope' CD when I ask him what he wants to listen to.   Does this mean he might be a harpist when he grows up?!"     
                                                                                                         St. Augustine, FL

"I'm a believer!  Your `Harp of Hope' CD put our colicky baby to sleep in 10 minutes--first decent night's sleep my wife and I had since our little girl was born.  Thank you!"

                                                                                                         LaCrosse, WI

"Your gifts and your enthusiasm for true ministry are so very important for our diocese...what a joy to have you here...."                                                                 Diocese of Winona, MN