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Using the CD for Illness or End of Life Care

Diane’s music was such a blessing during the last days of my mother-in-law’s life. We met Diane just a few days prior to her death, at Jeanne’s church. Diane was a special music guest there that Sunday. We purchased several of her CD’s, hoping they might bring Jeanne some comfort.

We took them to her, along with a personal CD player, so she could quietly listen to them in the hospital. Jeanne was so pleased with the music, especially because many of the pieces were hymns and music she had grown up with, and had sung all her life.

She knew she was dying and had accepted that fact. When she started listening to the first CD, a look of heavenly peace came over her face. She totally relaxed, more so than I’ve ever seen her. Over the course of the next few days, she quite often asked to listen to Diane’s music. Generally, it was during a time when she was getting a little anxious about her situation. The music soothed her so that she could sleep restfully.

Shortly before she died, and she could no longer speak, her son asked if she would like to hear the harp music. She was able to nod her head yes. She died a few minutes later, peacefully and relaxed.

I know that having the harp music available for her to listen to whenever she wanted made her passing much easier for her and her family.

We listen to Diane’s music during stressful times in our lives. I work in what can be an emotionally stressful workplace at times. During those times, I play Diane’s CD’s and everyone is visibly soothed.

Sherrie and Gary Schoening

Dear Diane,

 I just wanted to let you know how much your beautiful music helped me through my procedure at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  I received a spinal tap which required me to lay very still during the procedure and after the procedure for a total of about 45 minuets.  Which is a really long time if you don’t have something to help deal with the time.  Your music was the perfect answer.  They had a portable cd player there in the room but I just happened to have my walkman with earphone that I requested to use.  Which I highly recommend.  It literally put the music in my head at put me in a different place than being actually aware of what’s going on instead.  The other part that I found particularly helpful was the calm slow draw out town and rhythm that helped slow down my breathing.  Kind of like a slow drum beat that forced you to take a very slow step with each beat.  I also found the music incredible clear and perfectly in tune and masterfully played that allowed you to thoroughly enjoy the music to it most beautiful potential.  Wonderful! Wonderful!  Can’t wait to get my own.


Malinda Boyko


Enthusiastic reviews from health-related audiences...

"We so much appreciated your wonderful presentation for the benefit of our Hospice families, friends and staff. The harp is such a peaceful and healing instrument...we were all blessed."

Ontario, Canada

"How much I appreciated your playing for (hospital patient)...she passed away later that night and it makes me feel good to know you were there comforting her with your beautiful harp.... You are a true blessing!"

LaCrosse, WI

"Your Harmony for Mayo presentation was so much appreciated by doctors, nurses, and the public alike. You were a warm and greatly loved presenter...."

Jacksonville, FL

"It was pure joy to have you as our teacher!"

Gainesville, GA

"Your presentation for the Women's Health Series was remarkable in its scope, professionalism, and sheer beauty. Everyone was soothed and entertained while enlightened about the cases and history of healing with music...thank you...."

LaCrosse, WI

"Our Service of Remembrance had meaning and depth because of your valuable assistance...your heavenly music brought comfort and grace."

Winona, MN

"My little boy goes and puts on your Harp of Hope CD when I ask him what he wants to listen to. Does this mean he might be a harpist when he grows up?!"

St. Augustine, FL

"I'm a believer! Your Harp of Hope CD put our colicky baby to sleep in 10 minutes--first decent night's sleep my wife and I had since our little girl was born. Thank you!"

LaCrosse, WI

"Your gifts and your enthusiasm for true ministry are so very important for our diocese...what a joy to have you here...." Diocese of Winona, MN

I would love to share with you how much we have really enjoyed your harp CD's!

I enjoyed listening to your music this past Christmas when you performed at the Church of Latter-Day Saints in New Smyrna Beach. I gave your CDs as Christmas gifts and made many people happy!

We listened to it all day on Christmas, and the days before. The harp CD played in the background and gave the entire day a magical ambiance. Even now when I watch the family video of Christmas morning, the harp music in the background calms me and brings my mental state back to that loving and relaxing time. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Thanks again!


Do you have any comments? Please send us an e-mail at:

Dr. Diane Schneider