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Celtic Shores

CELTIC SHORES is a special compilation CD of 19 DIFFERENT Celtic artists, which is being sold to provide music instruction to underprivileged children. CELTIC SHORES contains haunting vocal and instrumental solos and Celtic groups (Diane has one harp solo, No. 5 on the CD, "Butterfly"). If you LOVE Celtic music, this is an absolutely beautiful CD you will want to have for your collection.

1. Bold Fenian Men by Kellee Bradley
2. Nancy Coopers by Straight Furrow
3. The Highlands by Betsy Foster
4. Fear a'Bhata by Jennifer Licko
5. Butterfly by Diane Schneider
6. Rose of Sharon by The Rogues
7. She Moved Thru the Fair by Maireid Sullivan
8. The Union by Cianan
9. Eamon An Chnois by Clive Amor
10. Spancil Hill by Bedlam Boys
11. Turtle With a Violin by Laurie McDonald
12. Stolen Memories by DAK
13. Siuil a Ruin by Lothlorien
14. A Raindrop for Every Tear by Elven
15. Amazing Grace by The Good Folk
16. Deirdre's Lament by Trio Nocturna
17. Wild Geese by Brian Dobson
18. Dream-Rowen Tree by Samantha Moffatt
19. She's Like a Swallow by Stephanie LeBeau
Playing time - 72 minutes