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TO ORDER THERAPEUTIC HARP CD'S: Please read the descriptions below, choose the CD's you wish, and email healingharpist@hotmail.com with your name, address and selections.

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This is great! MSNBC is featuring Diane's work with animals. Read the latest news story by Maryann Mott about Diane and the use of harp music as a therapeutic intervention for animals.


Diane has recorded five beautiful CD's (tapes, too). Read on, then order below:

Harp of Christmas Peace CD's and Cassettes.

Warm, traditional religious Christmas carols and classics... dreamy and peaceful harp solos (no vocals)... from "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming" to "Silent Night." All tunes were performed and sequenced according to therapeutic principles to stabilize heart rate, soothe anxiety, and encourage restful sleep. May it bring you the peace of this holy season!

Harp of Joy CD's and Cassettes:

There is nothing like it: a dozen harp solos of hauntingly beautiful Celtic melodies, and 16 a cappella vocal solos by Diane of rarely-heard Shaker songs, all as beautiful as their beloved "Simple Gifts". This is a live performance by Diane in a sacred space--the Meetinghouse--at the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.

Harp of Hope CD's and Cassettes:

Diane's best-selling recording, including Celtic, classical, and inspirational favorites from "Greensleeves" and "Pachelbel Canon" to "Brahms' Lullaby." All harp solos (no vocals), all arranged and sequenced according to science-based therapeutic principles to calm anxiety, stabilize heart rate, lower blood pressure, and enhance deep sleep. This CD is used in Mayo and other hospitals, and often brings in testimonials from parents of colicky babies and teens with learning and attention difficulties.

Harp of Hope: Animal Therapy Edition

We are delighted that MSNBC.COM features Diane's "Harp of Hope Animal Therapy Edition" in a special article by Maryann Mott of "LiveScience". The "Animal Therapy Edition" is a harp recording of calming, therapeutically-sequenced music for animal care. Veterinarians and pet-lovers discovered that the original "human version" Harp of Hope CD was improving symptoms in agitated and sick animals. So Harp of Hope was re-issued as "Animal Therapy Edition"--same sound track, but containing entirely new liner notes on research and information to promote animal healing with music.

Harp of Quiet Faith CD's:

Long-awaited by the patients who chose the songs on this newest CD, it features all inspirational and religious classics, such as "How Great Thou Art", "Amazing Grace," and "Ave Maria." Also therapeutically arranged and sequenced to help with pain management, spiritual uplift and comfort, anxiety relief, stress reduction, and better sleep. Many people sing along! (Cassette tape not available.)

Celtic Shores CD's:

Diane has one harp solo ("Butterfly") among these 19 hauntingly beautiful Celtic songs featuring different musicians, vocals, and musical instruments... but all pure Celtic! Some are quiet a cappella ballads, others are lively Celtic band tunes including "Spancil Hill," "Bold Fenian Men," others. This compilation CD produced by Dean FH Macy is sold to raise funds to provide instruments and music lessons for underprivileged children. (Cassette tape not available.)

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