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Diane Schneider provides harp vibration services and concerts in a variety of settings throughout the U.S.

Call her at 904-829-1542 or for rates and more information.

For individual patients: Harp vibration therapy. Dr. Schneider brings the harp to a person's bedside, in their private home, nursing home room, or hospital room. She administers a sequence of harp vibrations in the form of songs and beautiful, relaxing tones arranged to address an individual's needs and preferences. People who love music or have ever sung, played, or taught music have been shown to benefit particularly, including lower blood pressure; less anxiety, agitation, and pain; easier breathing; deeper sleep; overall lifting of spirits and improved immune response. This makes a memorable gift for an ill friend or family member.

For groups: Concerts, Lectures, and Retreats featuring harp therapy, in churches, hospitals, or nursing homes. Dr. Schneider weaves a lively and informative program of beautiful harp music performance together with the latest in scientific music research for caregivers and other professionals, including methods for using both live and recorded music to best advantage to address symptoms. She will tailor her songs and information to specific audiences, from church, women's groups, and retreat settings, to recovery, wellness, or medically-oriented listeners, and include a wealth of pertinent medical, religious, and historical information about the harp's effects.

With an emphasis upon chronic illness and end-of-life care, Dr. Schneider has conducted research and served patients at several Mayo Clinic hospitals and elsewhere since 1990. She specializes in the field of vibration therapy with harp: the use of sequenced individualized tones, using certain keys, tempos, chord structures, and plucking techniques, designed and shown to:

+ Improve blood pressure and heart rate

+ Calm anxiety and agitation, for deep sleep

+ Increase eating, enhance memory

+ Help alleviate nausea, pain, and depression

+ Improve quality of life with beauty, spirituality