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Always wanted to play the harp, but couldn't find a good teacher?
Don't have a harp, but would love to take lessons?

I love helping people get started in harp... especially if you're that person who's had a long-cherished dream that "someday I'm going to learn to play the harp!" 
People often ask me, "Is the harp hard to learn?"  I must admit, it's a challenging instrument, and some of my students have been heard to say, "The harp really brings you to your knees!" (I think they mean, in prayer!)  But the fact is that any instrument can be learned a lesson at a time, even if you can't read music and have never played a note before.  I recommend that beginners take a minimum of 6 months of lessons, then decide whether it's going to "click" for them.  This allows them to get beyond a few early learning plateaus when they may feel "stuck" temporarily.  Even at the first lessons, harp is fun, relaxing, enjoyable... a lovely, and many say, a spiritual instrument.  So, regardless of the difficulties and challenges, hundreds of harp students will testify:  Quiet, steady, slow daily effort yields results.
Is it possible to teach yourself to play?  Some say "yes, but..." only to a limited point.  Without seeing correct technique consistently modeled, mistakes take over, injuries such as carpal tunnel can occur, and it is very difficult to advance to any level beyond the most elementary.  Thus--the desire to play more and better repertoire is best fulfilled through lessons.
My own training in classical harp technique began at the University of Kentucky in Lexington with the wonderful Joan Ceo.  In later years, I was honored to be coached by my now-friend and colleague, "super-harpist" Elizabeth Cifani of the Chicago Lyric Opera Co. 
I also spent years as a student in piano and voice at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and other fine schools where high standards were set, respect for the learning process was emphasized, and I learned to take pleasure in the discipline of practice... without which, our dreams simply can't take flight!
I now specialize in conducting small group lessons for adult beginners, which are held at my studio in St. Augustine, Florida.  Women, especially, find this a supportive and positive learning environment.
Private lessons are available on a limited basis for more advanced students, or students with special needs.
Please call me for more details at 904-829-1542.