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Harp of Joy CD and Cassette

A unique CD crafted by Diane Schneider is now available for your enjoyment.

This CD features harp solos and Shaker Songs sung by Diane.

It is the kind of music you will find yourself listening to over and over again.

Perfect for meditation or just the thing to play as you are preparing for a good night's rest.

Harp Solos:

  1. Come Back To Me
  2. Outlandish Knight
  3. Lai et Rotrenge
  4. Allego Moderato
  5. David Of The White Rock
  6. Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through The Night)
  7. The Ash Grove
  8. Promenade/Pastorale
  9. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
  10. Lo How A Rose Ere Blooming
  11. Butterfly

Shaker Vocal Music:

  1. Living Souls
  2. Come to Zion
  3. Simple Gifts
  4. Come Life Shaker Life
  5. Love Oh Love Is Sweetly Flowing
  6. Love is Little
  7. My Love To My Mother
  8. I Never Did Believe
  9. Farewell, Earthly Joys
  10. My Sweet Home in Zion
  11. The Humble Heart
  12. My Carnal Life
  13. Oh The Beautiful Treasure
  14. Mother Has Come
  15. We Must Be Meek
  16. Oh Brethren Ain't You Happy