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Good Music...Good Company

After the 2007 River of Life Retreat on Anastasia Island,  we received so many great comments, but harpist Kathy Pearce said it in her inimitable way:

"The River of Life music retreat was a blast and very relaxing. I saw many gals that often come to our highland games each year (Nancy Teply and Debbie Harris just to name a few) and it was truly great to see them again. Newcomer harper Charlotte Jones had only been with a harp less than a month- so kudos to her for sticking through everything!! Many thanks to Diane Schneider for a lovely and memorable retreat." 
LAST YEAR 30 HAPPY MUSICIANS SAID: "An incredibly peaceful time!"

"We are so glad we came. The food was delicious--the harps and singing were heavenly. See you next year!"

"If I had known that you could either join in or just sit and listen, I would have brought my mom... she would love this."

"To me, the drumming workshop by Ken Anoff was worth the cost of admission!"

"Loved the hymns. Loved the ceilidh on Friday year I'll get up the nerve to play a solo!"

"I'm a flutist who had never played with harps before--all I can say is wow! amazing sounds".

"I enjoyed all the free time for small groups of beginners to play together...."

"Really the best bargain of all the conferences, for all we got..." 

Private lesson
One on one lesson with Nancy Bick Clark

The physical side of music making
Dr. Jodi Lowe explains the mechanics of making music